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Solved is a marketplace for sustainability-related knowledge work where you can find, hire and work with the experts you need to create smart, sustainable and resource-efficient solutions.

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Solved helps you get important work done more efficiently through a combination of on-demand expert advice, and a set of collaboration, ideation, and co-creation tools. Our agile workforce and workplace solutions will help you innovate and tackle complex initiatives that require specialized expertise faster than ever before.

Expert Marketplace

Access an expanding community of over 4000 top experts and expert organizations in cleantech, environmental sustainability and urban solutions.

Digital Platform

Solved platform provides all the necessary tools to easily find, contact and start collaborating with on-demand experts and to bring your own extended network into the same virtual space.

Human Touch

Solved’s high-skilled team will help you get started and recommend the best match for your needs.

Solved lets us be agile in how we work allowing us to build an optimal team for each challenge.

Use Solved for

Concept Design & Early Project Development
Market Dialogue or Public Procurement
Pre-feasibility Studies and Market Research
Day-to-Day Advisory
New Business Development & internationalization
Strategies, Roadmaps
Ecosystem Management & Stakeholder Engagement
Public-Private Partnerships

Case Study

The right renewable energy solution for San Diego

The San Diego Water Authority had issued a request for proposals on the design and construction of a new renewable energy generation and storage facility at its Twin Oaks Valley Water Treatment Plant (WTP). Receiving numerous bids that required thorough review, and recognizing the high complexity of the task, the San Diego Water Authority chose an expert panel provided by Solved to lead the evaluation process. The aim was to identifying technologies that minimize installation and operating costs, while maximizing avoided cost and renewable opportunities for the Water Authority.

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How it works

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency

Water Resource Managment

Enviroment (air, ecology)

Waste Management

Transport & Mobility


Smart Applications & ICT


Green Buildings & Sustainable Infrastructure

Law & Policy


Find top experts

Access over 4000 experts from over 70 countries around the world. Hire local or international experts wherever you are.

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Hire quickly

Tell us what you need and let us find you a perfect match! Sign up, define your project requirements and start collaborating with your assigned experts to get your project done.

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Get the work done

Invite your internal staff and any relevant stakeholders inside the workspaces to work in teams with the experts and communicate in real time regardless of time and location.

An at-a-glance overview of all your projects and activities will help you keep organized and effortlessly work on multiple projects with different teams at once.

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White-Label solution

Platform for your professional network

A solution to build and manage different partner and stakeholder ecosystems online.

Solved offers a white-label solution for customers who want to engage in a multi-stakeholder collaboration with their existing networks, or simply build a virtual ecosystem from the scratch, using Solved’s technology. We tailor the platform to your needs and train you accordingly!

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Foster Collaboration

Bring all your stakeholders in a private, cloud-based environment designed to foster collaboration, matchmaking and co-creation.

Spur Projects

Kick off initiatives in a blink of an eye. Create workspaces and invite people for brainstorming sessions, ideation, concept development or project work.

Insource Experts

Ensure always the combination of experts to tackle any challenge by tapping into your in-house and stakeholder’s talent and Solved’s built-in marketplace.

Save Time & Money

By using Solved's existing tool instead of building your own platform, you’ll be able to save lots of time and money, and set up your ecosystem very quickly.

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Solved offers a white-label solution for customers who want to engage in a multi-stakeholder collaboration with their existing.

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