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Solved’s expert marketplace provides users on-demand access to a wide range of experts, from project managers and engineers to designers and lawyers that specialize in areas of cleantech, sustainability and urban solutions.

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Our platform makes it easy to find and insource the experts you need and build tailored teams to match the needs of your project. Either browse through the profiles yourself or request us to hand-pick the right experts for you.

For each project, our experts form multi-disciplinary teams that break from traditional silos, conceiving holistic solutions and actionable strategies for sustainable business and development.

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Start by posting a job or a challenge, specifying your needs. Solved will assess your requirements and provide several options for top candidates that meet your needs.


Review the proposal, browse through the profiles of proposed candidates, initiate chat to request more information, select the best fit and contract.


A virtual workspace shared by your internal team and your contracted experts is automatically opened to help you collaborate, share documents and discuss in real-time.


Pay by the hour or a fixed price. Simplify payment via Solved and us as a single point of contact for delivering payments to different experts around the world.

Proposed experts performed the highest caliber of work on a very tight schedule. Based on the analysis and evaluation of the Solved experts, we were able to deepen our understanding about the complexity of the proposed technologies and related business models, and in particular, their long-term implications. We are now confident to proceed with one selected candidate to design and execute the project on renewable energy generation and storage system at Twin Oaks Valley WTP. In addition to the highly skilled expert team, we were impressed with the Solved platform as it helped us communicate real time with all team members throughout the project

Solved’s Expert Panel delivered high standard concept and roadmap in engaging and collaborative manner and made valuable recommendations that helped City of Tartu to choose the best approach utilise the traffic flow data.

Solved’s digital platform provided us a way to engage with the commercial players, which, as a city, is not always seamless. We used the digital platform to interact with companies of various sizes and experts within the Solved network to cocreate new, smart and sustainable energy solutions for an upcoming living district in Espoo. Various concepts were created and the best was selected for implementation.

Solved helped us verify our initial idea that an environmentally positive residential area could be achieved with current technologies. We received a comprehensive concept providing an overview of possible operational models, technologies and solutions that would enable such an approach. The results included many interesting ideas.

Solved have an interesting service, where experts are crowd-sourced from a pool of thousands of experts from different fields. The experts can work together from their disperse locations utilizing the on-line platform of Solved. We were extremely satisfied about the way Solved resourced our project by experts of circular economy, service design, tourism, futurology, energy efficiency, digitalisation, etc. Their experts, while utilising our local knowledge on wood construction created concept of a sustainable and scalable office hotel.

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