Seize the potential of your network

Build and manage a talent pool of-inhouse and external experts for swift access and deployment of on-demand workforce across your organization, extended network and the globe.

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One platform to connect and engage your network

Solved Together platform is the simplest, most effective way to engage your network, foster collaboration and build a go-to pool of on-demand talent.

Together is best for

No. 1
Professional network

Bring your professional network in an online space to network, collaborate and share opportunities with each other.

No. 2
Agile Resourcing

Build an agile workforce platform for optimal project staffing and expert sourcing. Have all your in-house talent in one place, with a direct access to a pool of external experts for on-demand needs.

Together features

Whether you are looking to engage your community or build a go-to pool of agile workforce, Solved Together is there for you!

Foster member interactions and connections

Bring your stakeholders on a unified and branded platform to encourage connections and matchmaking. Easy-to-use chat features will allow your members to connect quickly, create discussion groups and start collaborating.

Let your members promote their expertise and bring opportunities on your platform, let them post opportunities for jobs, projects and partnerships, or crowdsource help for their challenges.

Insourcing & project staffing made simple

The platform lets you build diverse, multi-disciplinary teams for brainstorming, ideation and project implementation fast and easily. Browse through your network members and swiftly choose those that you want in your team.

Facilitate co-creation & project work

Easy workplace solutions help foster collaborative and innovative environment through co-creation, and make it easy to track all activities from a single interface. Create shared workspaces and invite team members to drive real-time discussions, share documents and create events. The platform offers user-friendly, social media type communication tools to help transfer and preserve knowledge.

Built-in marketplace for on-demand experts

Provide your members additional value by offering direct access to over 15 000 on-demand experts through your platform. Make it easy for your professional network to accomplish things faster and more sustainably through a balance of co-creating together and leveraging the potential of global expertise in the fields of sustainable development.

Offer your members an opportunity to push their profiles and public projects to Solved’s global expert marketplace to promote their skills and get additional visibility for projects that would benefit from exposure among a specialized expert group.

Customize the platform to fit your brand

Manage your platform with ease via admin dashboard. Define the sign-up mode for your platform, create member and project categories, adapt user profiles to your needs, and make the platform look like it is yours by adding your colours and logo.

How it works

Place an order

Simply make an order by filling out a short form, register and enter the platform.

Brand the platform

Customize the platform to reflect your brand identity, including the colour scheme, your logo and partner logos for collaboration spaces.

Invite your network

Simply send an invitation to your network members and let them know how to get started.


Once your online stakeholder ecosystem is alive, it is time to engage, find new connections and collaborate on shared projects.

We are impressed by Solved expert network and the projects we can handle through the platform. For us it’s a valuable asset when identifying, evaluating, and developing smart urban projects. Thanks Solved

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Bring your professional network in an online space to network, collaborate and share opportunities with each other.

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