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Bernard Kusi – A circular economy strategist and passionate problem solver

May 17th 2024

Bernard Kusi stands at the forefront of modern business strategy, embodying the role of a Circular Economy Strategist with a deep-seated passion for Design Research, Circular Product Design, and Business Model Innovation. His journey is marked by an unrelenting pursuit of solutions and a drive to impact the world significantly.

Bernard Kusi
Bernard Kusi

“As an expert, I find solving challenges to be an inherent part of professional and personal growth,” Bernard explains, shedding light on his intrinsic motivation. He views challenges as opportunities to gain experience, innovate, and contribute positively, with the satisfaction of overcoming obstacles fueling his journey.

Bernard’s approach to problem-solving is comprehensive and multifaceted. He emphasizes the importance of a comprehensive approach, blending technical expertise with essential soft skills. His ten pro tips for excelling in problem-solving are insightful:

1. Growth Mindset: Bernard advocates embracing challenges as learning opportunities and seeing setbacks as a natural part of the learning process.

2. Continuous Learning: He stresses the importance of staying updated with the latest developments in one’s field to remain effective in problem-solving.

3. Interdisciplinary Knowledge: Bernard believes innovative solutions often stem from applying principles from one field to another.

4. Effective Communication: He highlights the necessity of articulating complex ideas clearly to diverse audiences.

5. Collaboration and Teamwork: Bernard understands that problem-solving is rarely a solitary endeavor and values diverse perspectives.

6. Critical Thinking: Analyzing situations critically and considering alternative solutions is vital, according to Bernard.

7. Resilience: He underscores the importance of resilience in persevering through challenges and setbacks.

8. Time Management: Efficiently managing time and prioritizing tasks are crucial for effective problem-solving.

9. Embracing Failure: Bernard sees failure as a critical part of problem-solving, offering valuable lessons.

10. Ethical Considerations: Finally, he emphasizes considering the ethical implications of solutions, ensuring they contribute positively to society.

Bernard’s professional journey is as diverse as it is impressive. Holding a master’s degree in risk management and Circular Economy from Tampere University of Applied Sciences and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Security Management from Laurea University of Applied Sciences, he has an extensive educational background. Furthermore, his qualifications extend to sales and customer services, alongside a Diploma in International Business.

His practical experience is just as rich. Having worked as an account officer at Safebond Company Limited and a Cashier at HMS Host International, Bernard brings a wealth of knowledge to his current role. His expertise in Circular Economy, risk management, and sustainability consulting within strategy, supply chain sustainability, and climate change is invaluable.

Bernard’s journey demonstrates his belief that becoming a great problem solver is a continuous journey requiring curiosity, enthusiasm, and determination. His story is about finding solutions and innovating, learning, and contributing to a better, more sustainable world.

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