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Carina Sundqvist – ”Food tech is here to stay”

Jan 10th 2020

Carina Sundqvist is passionate about sustainable development, especially in the field concerning food. 

Carina Sundqvist

In food production, unfortunately, much remains to be desired, to make the production more sustainable. 

“Therefore, in April 2018, we started an urban growing company, Micromix, with the ambition to produce nutritious and fresh food here in Gothenburg, and at other locations. We aim to produce in a way that does not deplete the earth’s resources, is poison-free without pesticides, and has as little impact on environment and climate as possible.”

Carina says that food tech is here to stay, and they want to include it in any city that want to become more sustainable and self-sufficient.

“We produce micro greens because they are nutritious, fast growing, beautiful and tasty. Eating micro greens, in Sweden, is still a bit new but adding some freshly harvested shoots at the top of a dish can really enhance the taste experience in an unexpected way.”

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