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Fayad Saleh – Solving problems from technical issues to project executions and financing

Feb 16th 2024

Fayad Saleh
Fayad Saleh

Fayad Saleh is a businessman, and he has been running his own business for over 8 years. Fayad has 15 years of experience in information technology, project management, and business management.

“I have solved many problems during the course of my career ranging from technical issues to project executions and funding and financing.”

Before establishing his own company Tekline, Fayad worked for Nadinka Integrated Solutions and Edutech IT Academy.

“At Nadinka, I was an IT officer and Business development director before being promoted to Executive Director. My role was to identify our customer business problems and look for design solutions. With Edutech, I managed accreditation profile and was a training manager before resuming the duties of the adviser of the centerboard.”

At the moment, Fayad is also the Chairman of Engineers Without Border Organization in Yemen, which is an NGO and non-profit Organization involved in many activities to support the local communities.

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