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Helena Sustar – A visionary in sustainable consulting and strategic leadership

Jul 4th 2024

Helena Sustar’s mission is rooted in sustainability, focusing on the pivotal role that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play in the global shift towards eco-friendly business practices.

Helena Sustar
Helena Sustar

“My motivation as a sustainable consultant is climate change adaptation, CO2 reduction, value chain transparency, and flexible supply chains. I assist SMEs in identifying their sustainability targets, measuring them, and reporting and communicating them to employees, customers, stakeholders, and investors,” she states, encapsulating her drive and approach to supporting SMEs towards a sustainable future.

Her comprehensive services are designed to navigate SMEs through the complexities of sustainable transformation, leveraging materiality analysis to evaluate the sustainability impact of their product or service development and sales lifecycle.

Helena ensures businesses meet and exceed modern sustainability expectations by preparing integrated reports that align with carbon accounting, GRI standards, and the latest CSRD and ESG standards tailored for SMEs.

Central to her methodology is a proactive stance on sustainability, urging SMEs to engage now with a sustainable future. She advises businesses to start by engaging with stakeholders, reflecting on their sustainable business strategy, and prioritizing critical sustainability information, such as water usage and CO2 emissions.

This forward-thinking approach emphasizes immediate action toward defining and achieving sustainability targets, underscoring the urgency of integrating sustainable practices within the business framework.

Helena’s work, recognized through international awards and a prestigious PhD scholarship in the UK, showcases her commitment to driving sustainable change.

By offering specialized training, masterclasses, and workshops, she equips SMEs with the tools and knowledge to embed sustainability into their operations, fostering a new era of business that prioritizes the environment alongside economic growth.

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