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Ioana Hardy – Expertise in building and growing brands in multinationals and startups

Apr 8th 2023

Ioana Hardy
Ioana Hardy

Ioana Hardy is a sought-after “Marketing for Sustainability” trainer, coach, and speaker with over 20 years of international expertise in building and growing brands in multinationals and startups.

“I started my career in corporations, working with multinationals like LG Electronics and Nestle.”

With her team she won the “Diploma of excellence for the Most Effective Campaign”, offered under the patronage of the EU.

Ioana is the founder of Impacters Group where she works with sustainability entrepreneurs who are fiercely committed to making a difference but need support to articulate their values and market themselves.

She seats in advisory teams promoting sustainable goals, is an Ellen MacArthur Circular Pioneer, and is an active SDG activist.

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