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Kaisa Karjalainen – Designing circular economy and sustainability services

May 20th 2022

Kaisa Karjalainen is an engineer of environmental technology who has focused all her career on circular economy and especially consulting and training companies, public organizations, and events.

Kaisa Karjalainen
Kaisa Karjalainen

“I have experience with several environmental management system both as user and consultant, as well as auditor and in my current job, I am developing a zero-waste standard for municipalities and in the future for businesses. I have designed, improved and implemented waste management plans in a wide variety of organizations and festivals which has resulted in savings and efficiency both in financial and environmental sense.”

The past years she has dedicated a big part of her time in designing circular economy and sustainability services to make products stay in circulation for longer, minimize waste and encourage reuse and make education and consulting services easy and desirable for customers.

“The results of my work have been visible both in the increase of demand for those services and ease of their sales and implementation. I complement my knowledge and experience in this field with an MBA degree focusing on leadership and service design.”

Kaisa says that her expertise would be most useful when designing sustainability and circularity strategies whether following or not a standard, improving waste management practices in organizations or municipalities or designing completely new sustainability or circularity services or initiatives.

“I am also a confident educator and workshop facilitator who has a wide variety of methods to use and who is often praised for an inspiring and engaging style to interact with big and small groups.”

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