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Mariana Carvalho – Connecting the dots between customers and emerging technologies

Apr 8th 2023

Mariana Carvalho
Mariana Carvalho

Mariana Carvalho has more than ten years of experience in cleantech and low-carbon technologies in the energy and industry sectors.

“To fight the climate crisis and get to net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, we need to act fast. The only way to achieve our climate targets is through radical innovation, with energy and industry at the centre of this transformation.”

Mariana currently works for a multinational firm based in Finland, promoting innovation in the energy sector through partnerships with customers and startups.

Her background is in Chemical Engineering and Energy Technology, and a Doctoral degree in Sustainable Energy Systems.

“My mission is to help companies in the energy and industry sectors to take this leap. I do that by connecting the dots between customers and emerging technologies.”

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