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Said Albusaidi – A multifaceted expert in digital marketing and public relations from Oman

Mar 7th 2024

Said Albusaidi is a highly skilled and result-driven professional with over 15 years of experience in public relations, communications, and branding. His current role as Manager of Communication and Sustainability at Mazoon Electricity Company highlights his leadership and expertise in driving effective marketing and communication strategies.

Said Albusaidi
Said Albusaidi

Said is an accomplished practitioner and a dedicated learner and educator. He holds a bachelor’s degree in educational English from Oman, a professional diploma in public relations from London, and a professional diploma in digital marketing from Dublin.

As a certified digital marketer, public relations expert, and change management practitioner, Said has honed a diverse skill set that enables him to tackle various challenges in today’s dynamic communication landscape. His digital marketing and public relations specialization is complemented by his consultant and trainer role in marketing and corporate communication.

Said’s contributions extend beyond his immediate professional responsibilities. He is a certified jury member for international business communication awards at the International Association for Business Communication (UK), demonstrating his recognition as a leader in his field. Additionally, his membership in the International Social Media Club (USA) and participation in the Ship for World Youth (a program by the UN and Japan) highlights his global perspective and commitment to international collaboration.

The impact Said aims to create is centered around helping organizations better understand their GCC target audience and employ more effective techniques to achieve their goals. His deep understanding of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) market and his expertise in communication and sustainability make him an asset to any organization looking to navigate this complex and dynamic region.

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