4Revs Co-creative Ecosystem

4Revs has an active network of young social innovators and leaders, sustainability practitioners, and creative minds covering 6 continents enabling us to provide fresh, experiential, grounded, real-life knowledge, know-how and hands-on support.

4Revs provides an ecosystem – a platform for deep innovation – which both enables instant results and solutions-generation and provides a long-term, 30-year (2020-2050), steadily evolving and expanding network of actors and collaboration partners.

The 4 Survival Challenges are:

  1. Food, Agriculture, Protein supply
  2. Water, Water Tech, Water management
  3. Resources, Circular Systems, Ecosystem Usage
  4. Energy, Climate change, Greenhouse Gasses

Your involvement:
① Join the world’s most exciting, action-oriented research project, which engages young social innovators and sustainability practitioners on all six continents to find the most inspiring and truly revolutionary examples of innovation on the 4Revs. A global, open, R&D project with instant learning and business insights.

➁ Participate in 4Revs Global Summit hosted by NELIS in Kyoto or Tokyo. You will meet young leaders and innovators from six continents and participate in workshops and co-creative sessions around the 4Revs.

③ Utilize short, intensive learning modules on Next Leaders’ University (NLU) to help train a new generation of “sustainability intrapreneurs”.


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