Investment Opportunity: Bio-based Recycled Fertilizer Factory

The aim of this project is to find investor consortium or joint-venture to build a) proof-of-concept demo factory to Heinola and develop scalable business in the field of procution of Biobased Recycled Fertilizers.

By joining this project, the investor(s) will have an excellent opportunity to participate in the development of the greener world. The ambitious target of “Fertilizer company” is to be a remarkable player in the local and decentralized production of biobased fertilizer market.

This market is continuously growing as the world’s environmental awareness will strengthen still.

The market potential for novel fertilizer products is already excellent and, in the future, it will be even better as the EU legislation is updated.

Business Heinola is providing an opportunity for an established financial institution or investors to provide equity capital funding for building up a Biobased Recycled Fertilizer Factory which can produce economically profitable and environmentally friendly fertilizer as its primary product.

The funding is aimed at guaranteeing needed equity capital for continuing planning and begin execution of the first Biobased Recycled Fertilizer Factory project.

The project will be conducted by the to-be-established “Fertilizer Company”.

It is envisaged that the equity investor will play the role of an equity funder in the Biobased Recycled Fertilizer Factory project and has the primary right to participate in funding of the following factory projects after Heinola factory is in operation.


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