Survey for Evaluation and Validation of Sustainability Acts

The aim of the project is to create and test a simple method for evaluation and validating sustainability acts. The project is part of the product development for GoodPurpose, an early-stage startup building a transformative sustainability platform.

We are hoping to build an evaluation template that would be usable for a broad range of sustainability acts, evaluating e.g. their relevance towards the UN SDGs, replicability, and potential for local and global impact. We need your expertise and input in creating something that is usable and valuable.

About GoodPurpose
GoodPurpose is a Boston-based startup co-founded by three Finns; Jussi Korpikoski, Markus Terho, and Niklas Kiviluoto. In GoodPurpose, we believe that the way we do sustainability nowadays is not nearly enough. It’s all way too unfocused, too siloed and too self-centric. As result, the actual impact of even the greatest sustainability acts around the world stays very limited and short-lived. Thus, we want to change the way we think and do sustainability. We are building a platform that makes it easy to do collaborative science-based sustainability – to focus on the things that matter – and maximize the impact of each individual good act.


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