Specialised Sustainability Manager Course – a new opportunity on the job scene

by Eetu Helminen, Feb 16th 2024

There is a clear shortage of sustainability managers in the labour market and their demand is growing due to new ESG obligations. In Slovakia, Hungary and the Czech Republic, a comprehensive certification course is being developed to respond to the growing need for sustainability education.

Starting in 2025, a broader spectrum of companies will be obligated to produce ESG reports, or sustainability reports. However, there is a scarcity of managers equipped with the necessary training and experience to guide companies through this complex and time-consuming process. 

Embarking on a career in sustainability presents an opportunity for valuable education and networking within the industry. The Green Business Academy, a pioneering educational institution for managers in Slovakia, offers a holistic perspective on the subject and imparts practical knowledge related to sustainability, emphasizing the positive effects of social and environmental transformations. This platform facilitates the initiation of a high-quality educational journey and establishes connections with professionals in the field.

Green Brands is a global certification organization that acknowledges brands and companies for their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility. The quality seal bestowed by Green Brands holds recognition from the European Union as a category indicative of environmental sustainability.

Further details will be provided shortly, we look forward to your participation!