Sustainability Takes Centre Stage in Winter Sports

by Eetu Helminen, Dec 14th 2023

#WhiteWinters for future generations

#WhiteWinters for future generations

#WhiteWinters – Pioneering Companies Invited to Build Concrete Sustainability Solutions

The Finnish alpine sports community is spearheading the journey towards sustaining snowy, white winters. The aim is to turn the sport into a driving force for sustainable development. The umbrella organisation for alpine sports in Finland, Ski Sport Finland, Finnish world cup event organisers and venues, along with various companies, have embarked on a unique global partnership to develop sustainable solutions. The Sustainable Development expert community, Solved, is leading the initiative as the main partner and program coordinator.

“Our sport relies on snow. Therefore, it is natural that we do everything in our power to preserve snow and keep our winters white. To achieve this, we need concrete actions. Together with Solved, we have devised the #WhiteWinters programme, which will enable us to develop tangible solutions in collaboration with other stakeholders who share our passion for preserving the white winters,” says Janne Leskinen, CEO of Ski Sport Finland.

More sustainable sport

The goal is to make ski sports more sustainable and, through this, more popular. This benefits athletes, event organizers, sports federations, and travel destinations. Commercial partners of the sport will also benefit from building the sustainable solutions.

“Various events, from world cup competitions to regional competitions, can serve as catalysts for change. By setting an example and demanding the right actions from stakeholders, event organizers and venues can initiate a significant transformation and become heralds of change for alpine sports”, according to Santtu Hulkkonen, CEO of Solved.

New partners invited to join the programme

#WhiteWinters partners consist of companies and organizations that offer solutions or services to make ski sports, events, and venues more sustainable. The initial partners include the world cup event organizers, Levi and Ruka. Sustainable solution providers are now invited to join.

“Globally, the solutions developed within this program have markets worth hundreds of millions or even billions of euros. When these sustainable solutions are developed and implemented in Finland first, we can promote their adoption in other alpine sports destinations and sporting events worldwide. Naturally, #WhiteWinters is also closely linked to the activities of the International Ski Federation (FIS),” Leskinen adds.

“We invite the best sustainable economy companies to join the #WhiteWinters program, whose solutions have a positive impact on the climate and the environment,” states Janne Leskinen.

For further information:

Santtu Hulkkonen
CEO, Cofounder
Phone: +358 50 373 2895
Email: [email protected]

Janne Leskinen
Phone: +358 40 030 0930
Email: [email protected]

About the #WhiteWinters programme:
The #WhiteWinters programme is a pioneering project led by Ski Sport Finland and Solved, focusing on the development of sustainable solutions in winter sports events and venues. Its primary goal is to promote sustainability in winter sports, benefiting athletes, event organisers, sports federations, and destinations. Event organizers and venues present their challenges, which program partners aim to address. The initiative welcomes companies and organizations that provide solutions and services to enhance the sustainability of winter sports, events, and venues. The programme is part of the International Ski Federation (FIS) sustainable development strategy, aiming to make winter sports more eco-friendly.

About Ski Sport Finland (SSF):

Ski Sport Finland is the national alpine sports federation, founded in 2009. It oversees the development and elite-level sports of alpine, freestyle skiing, and freeskiing in Finland.

About Solved:
Solved is an impact company with 27 000 sustainability experts around the world and digital tools to build impact solutions and manage your ecosystems. We do it by bringing the best experts from around the world to solve the world’s wicked problems. We also provide the digital tools to hire and pay for work as well as collaborate regardless of time and place. This builds and scales up tangible solutions and their impact in the real world.
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