Case Study

Environmentally Positive Residential Area

YIT, a global construction company, wanted to create an environmentally positive residential area. The idea was that it would be possible to achieve with the current technologies. YIT contracted Solved to conduct a thorough assessment of the existing solutions and deliver an overall framework for the development of a net positive residential area.

Our Approach & Key Outcomes:
Solved rapidly mobilized subject matter experts through its expert network to carry out the technology assessments. The starting point was the notion of “plus energy” i.e. when the area generates more energy than it consumes. The experts defined preliminary parameters for the targeted residential area, as well as looked at feasible solutions and related business models. The experts examined the ecosystem of the entire residential area. The results included many interesting ideas regarding, for instance, new sharing economy applications. The work was carried out using Solved’s digital platform.

Photo: YIT Group

Solved helped us verify our initial idea that an environmentally positive residential area could be achieved with current technologies. We received a comprehensive concept providing an overview of possible operational models, technologies and solutions that would enable such an approach. The results included many interesting ideas.

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